Release notes#


Path objects pathlib.Path now work in


This version comes with mudata.MuData.update() improvements and optimisations.

There is now mudata.MuData.__len__(). This should make it easier to build MuData into workflows that operate on data containers with length. In practice using mudata.MuData.n_obs() should be preferred.

In this implementation of MuData, default dict has replaced OrderedDict, e.g. in the .uns slot, to improve compatibility with new serialisation versions. As of Python 3.6, dictionaries are insertion-ordered.


This version uses new I/O serialisation of AnnData v0.8.

Updating a MuData object with mudata.MuData.update() is even faster in many use cases.

There’s a new axes interface that allows to use MuData objects as containers with different shared dimensions.


Updating a MuData object with mudata.MuData.update() is now much faster.

This version also comes with an improved documentation, including a new page describing the sharp bits.


This version comes with improved stability and bug fixes.


Initial mudata release with MuData (mudata.MuData), previously a part of the muon framework.