Say hello to MuData#

MuData is a format for annotated multimodal datasets. MuData is native to Python but provides cross-language functionality via HDF5-based .h5mu files.

MuData objects as containers#

mudata package introduces multimodal data objects (mudata.MuData class) allowing Python users to work with increasigly complex datasets efficiently and to build new workflows and computational tools around it.

MuData object with n_obs × n_vars = 10110 × 110101
 2 modalities
  atac: 10110 x 100001
  rna: 10110 x 10100

MuData objects enable multimodal information to be stored & accessed naturally, embrace AnnData for the individual modalities, and can be serialized to .h5mu files. Learn more about multimodal objects as well as file formats for storing & sharing them.

Natural interface#

MuData objects feature an AnnData-like interface and familiar concepts such as observations and variables for the two data dimensions. Get familiar with MuData in the Quickstart tutorial.

Handling MuData objects#

A flagship framework for multimodal omics analysis — muon — has been built around the MuData format. Find more information on it in its documentation and on the tutorials page as well as in the corresponding publication.